Domaine des Bormettes, teeming with history, bears witness to the viticultural development of the Var coastline, which became the well-known region of La Londe.

Archival remnants of the Gallo-Roman period document the praise of a prominent 14th-century vineyard and this recognition only grew in 1588 with the settling of the La Verne Carthusian monks who spearheaded its winemaking evolution.
In 1855, the property was sold to Horace Vernet, official painter of Napoleon the 3rd. Passionate about agriculture, Vernet carefully modernized this property, adding the château. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this vineyard has belonged to a family and is led today by Fabrice Faré who has ambitiously resisted urbanization and has even restarted bottling at the château.

The vineyard of Château des Bormettes lies at the heart of a nature reserve next to the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated around the Saint Martin Peak (elevation: 111 meters), known for its ancient oak tree, with a cellar located under a Carthusian monastery.

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