Our white wines, surprising and refreshing

In the heart of an exceptional natural environment, facing the Mediterranean Sea, Château des Bormettes has been dedicated to the vine since the 10th century. The family estate has chosen to produce two unique wines that have won several awards, guaranteeing their quality. The Château des Bormettes vineyard benefits from a specific terroir, rich in quartz and schist, which allows our whites to have a beautiful brilliant color and a unique and authentic aroma. Thanks to our know-how, these two vintages are among the rare whites of La Londe les Maures, proving their uniqueness. The Hélène cuvée and the Instinct Parcellaire will delight wine lovers eager for new discoveries. Let yourself be seduced by the refreshing white wines of Château des Bormettes, which will perfectly match your white meats, shellfish, fish and aperitifs!

The estate enjoys a terroir with a strong wine-growing vocation, within the Var coastline and the famous appellation of La Londe les Maures. The Château des Bormettes vineyard enjoys a unique geographical location, 900 metres from the Mediterranean Sea, alongside the Pic Saint-Martin (111 metres above sea level), the highest point in the Londe. The current vines extend over 65 hectares on hillsides in a preserved nature of 140 hectares of scrubland and forest.

Cuvée « Hélène »

Protected Côtes de Provence Appellation

Cute fishing of the owner, by whom the Domaine entered the Faré family, the rare white of the Bormettes naturally inherits its first name. It is also a nod to our neighbor, the prestigious Clos Mireille, which for a very long time only produced white wines, demonstrating the exceptional potential of this colour on our terroir. This potential is all the better expressed with the Rolle grape variety, also known as Vermentino in Italy and Corsica. A grape variety perfectly adapted to our quartz and schist soils, to which we take great care.

The night harvest macerated for a long time at low temperature to extract the quintessence of the fruity aromas of the Rolle. Fermentation lasted one month between 16 and 18°C, in concrete vats, developing its fatness and complexity. It was also matured in vats on lees until bottling the following spring.

Tasting session

Brilliant color with green highlights. The first nose is elegant with its notes of white flowers typical of the grape variety. It opens with aromas of exotic fruits, with a hint of lemon. The palate attacks on freshness and finesse, offering citrus and peach flavors. Then it develops on fat and suppleness, with notes of white flesh fruits such as pear. It is both delicate and intense, with a lively finish. It will open out between 11 and 13°C on grilled fish, but also with fresh goat cheese, shrimp salad with peanuts and coriander, marinated fish, shellfish, and remains an ideal partner for the aperitif.

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Cuvée Instinct Parcellaire « La Bergerie »

Protected Côtes de Provence La Londe Appellation

Within the vast Côtes de Provence appellation, the whites of La Londe have certainly been a little late in joining their red and rosé counterparts in their specific terroir designation, mainly because of their rarity. However, our area has long been known for its success in this color, which decided the Ott family, a pioneer in the region, to devote its Landes vines exclusively to whites at the time. The vision of those who were for a long time our prestigious neighbors, and the similarities with the best Corsican terroirs whose most successful expression remains the whites, have led us to redouble our efforts on this color, which reflects the quintessence of our schist and quartz soils under maritime influence. This cuvée is the most ambitious illustration of this potential, so we select for it the best vines and the most beautiful juices from our “La Bergerie” plot, the first planted on the Domaine with Rolle grapes, lord of the whites of the area.

The blend of this cuvée is mainly composed of Grenache and Rolle drop juice, macerated on the skins, accompanied by Syrah and Cinsault from direct pressing. The harvest is mainly done at night, in order to favor the aromatic potential and to reduce the doses of sulphites. The juices are cold settling for an average of 48 hours, the vinification and maturing continue entirely in thermo regulated concrete vats. The wine is kept on its lees until at least mid-February, developing its fatness and structure.

Tasting session

Brilliant color with green and golden reflections. The first nose is subtle with notes of acacia flowers and hazelnut. It develops on peach, a fruit found in a supple, smooth mouth, balanced by its freshness and mineral finish. It will open out between 11 and 13°C on scallops, shellfish, white meats and creamy cheeses.

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