Château des Bormettes, a family business since 1929, is a unique place steeped in history that benefits from the exceptional terroir of La Londe les Maures, in the heart of the renowned Var and Provence.

Far from the traditional wine-growing estate, Château des Bormettes is a unique estate, testifying to a strong history. Exploited at its beginnings in Gallo-Roman times, the vineyard was taken over by the monks of the Chartreuse de la Verne in the 16th century. Horace Vernet, official painter of Napoleon III, passionate about agriculture, will strive to modernize this property which he acquired in 1855, endowing it with a Château. But it was at the beginning of the 20th century that the family vineyard started taking shape. Today managed by Fabrice Faré, the family estate is developing after a relaunch of the bottling at the Château. The Faré family resists urbanization to protect its heritage and its terroir by practicing sustainable agriculture, respectful of this exceptional Provencal setting.

The estate enjoys a terroir with a strong wine-growing vocation, within the Var coastline and the famous appellation of La Londe les Maures. The Château des Bormettes vineyard enjoys a unique geographical location, 900 meters from the Mediterranean Sea, alongside the Pic Saint-Martin (111 meters above sea level), the highest point in the Londe. The current vines extend over 75 hectares on hillsides in a preserved nature of 150 hectares of scrubland and forest.

While the family vineyard of Château des Bormettes enjoys a unique position in the heart of a rich territory that is conducive to a unique wine-growing culture, it also benefits from a thousand-year-old cork oak and a wine cellar with vaults and alcoves located under the Chartreuse. In the heart of the Var and Provence, the family estate benefits from a unique and renowned wine-growing terroir that allows the cultivation of diversified grape varieties and the production of wines with character.

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